Ex-Employees of Geac Computer Corporation

This page is intended to provide a means for ex-employees of Geac Computer Corporation and its subsidiaries to contact one other. If you would like to be listed here, or have other additions and corrections, just drop me a note with the relevant info.

NOTE: Use of the information on this page for commercial purposes of any kind (including recruitment and placement agencies) is prohibited.

$$$ Geac Consultants Wanted $$$   I am now maintaining a list of headhunters who are looking for people with Geac experience. There's also a listing of consulants who are looking for work.

Now that we've got that crap out of the way, on to the good stuff ...

If the following list of names isn't enough to bring back memories of the "good old days" at Geac, you might want to check out these items:

NEWS: 2007-06-13 - A group about Geac has been created on FaceBook. To join it, please follow this link.

NEWS: 2005-11-07 - Geac was sold today. Our memories will keep it alive.

MAILING LISTS: There are now two official mailing lists set up for use by the ex-Geac community. For details, please see here. These lists are "opt-in" which means that no one is subscribed to them unless they explicitly request to be.




Ex-Prologic: A large number of ex-Geacers also worked for Prologic Corporation (now Fincentric). Check out the Old Pros site. (Yes, they stole our idea and page design, including verbatim text.)

This table is sorted alphabetically by surname and lists the period of Geac employment along with a current email address and/or URL.

Person's Name Time at Geac Current contact information
Aazam, Jim 1977-1987 CA jaazam@chs.ca (work)
or jaazam@sympatico.ca (home)
Allen, David 1993-2000 dc_allen@bigpond.net.au [defunct as of 2009-10-04]
(note: possibly deceased November 2006)
Andrews, Cheryl (now Raitakari) 1983-1989 CA craitaka@ca.ibm.com
Anidjar, Sam 1988-2000 CA/US sanid25@hotmail.com
Armstrong, Gordon 1979-1990 CA gordon.armstrong@lifelabs.com (work)
or gordarmstrong@rogers.com (home)
Assing, Ken 1981-1999 kpa2@msn.com
Atallah, Ramzi 1983-1988 atallarn@sciex.com [defunct]
Bagshaw, Don 1972-1998 CA/US bags@re106.com
Bagshaw, Karyn (nee Freeman) 1975-1984 CA karynbagshaw@hotmail.com
Baker, Carolyn 1989-2003 cbaker@cyberback.com
Barna, Ivan 1977-1989 ivanb@rogers.com
Baron, Lisa 1986-1988 lisa.baron@gmail.com
Bartle, Geoff 1982-2003 CA/AU Geoff_Bartle@msn.com
Bendahan, Abe 1990-2001 CA abendahan@rogers.com
Beutler, Garry 1974-1979 garryb@hotmail.com
Bilokrely, Larry 1982-2003 CA bilokrely@rogers.com
Blake, Miriam 1992-1997 US meblake@lanl.gov
Boenders, Karina 1981-1989 kboenders@hotmail.com
Bogers Miller, Donna Lee 1988-2002 CA dlbogers@rogers.com
Bogman, Marc 1996-2001 marcbogman@hotmail.com
Bond, Tom 1984-1992 tombond@bellaliant.net
Boonstra, Marten 1991-2000 martenb@compusmart.ab.ca
Boorman, Ray 1981-1995 ray.boorman@gmail.com
Bowen, Kay (a.k.a. Binnie) 1990-2003 CA kayb@rogers.com
Boyce, Bob 1985-1995 rgboyce@comcast.net
Breakey, Lynn 1982-1996 breakeybunch@shaw.ca
Broadhurst, Eric 1984-1986 minric@golden.net
Bruno, Debbie 1988-2002 dbruno@envisionware.com (work)
or debbie8279@aol.com (home)
Bucknell, Steve 1984-2001 [deceased 2003-07-02]
Burkitt, Anthony 1990-2001 anthony.burkitt@fdgroup.com [defunct 2008-11-17]
Burnett, Nigel M. 1974-1979 NigelBurnett@rogers.com>
Burton, John 1981-1986 jburton@btconnect.com
Bush, Irving 1978-2000 CA irvingbush@hotmail.com
Buss, Erich 1976-1977
1981-1988 CA
Cabak, Ron 1981-1987 rcabak@sympatico.ca
Caldwell, Jim ? CA caldwell@ca.ibm.com
Cameron, Bob 1982-1988 bob_cameron@sympatico.ca
Campbell, Colin 1987-1998 cc@cscnet.co.uk
Canevarl, Peter 1982-1987 pcanevari@sbcglobal.net
Carey, Janet 1994-2004 janetfcarey@yahoo.com
Carter, Maureen 1987-2003 CA [RIP 2014-06-26]
Casselman, Carol 1983-2006 Carol_Casselman@rogers.com
Chaves, John 1996-1997 john.chaves@us.pwcglobal.com [defunct]
Chafe, Doug ? US doug.chafe@lanl.gov
Cheng, Tony 1993-2002 tonycheng@rogers.com
Cheung, Harrison 1989-1993 hcheung@harrisoncheung.com
See also: www.harrisoncheung.com
Chew, Boon-Ping ? CA chew@jpint.utoronto.ca [defunct as of 2001-11-27]
Chien, Steve 1983-1989 schien@bcsc.bc.ca
Chin, Norbert ? norbert.chin@gmail.com
Chiu, Clement 1989-2003 CA sinwai@sympatico.ca
Clair, Betty 1981-1988 (address withheld by request)
Clay, Martyn 1980-1992 CA martyn.clay@look.ca
Cockrell, Tracy 1991-1994 US tacockrell@tx.rr.com
Cole, Barry 1975-1978 barrycole@juno.com
Cole, Corey 1975-1976 corey@transolar.com
see also www.transolar.com
Collier-Brown, Dave 1987-1988 CA davecb@spamcop.net
see also http://www.geocities.com/orville_torpid/index.html
Collins, Margaret 1997-1999 CA emaco@sympatico.ca
Conidis, Jim 1970-1975 CA jconidis@gmail.com
Cook, Derek 1980-1985 Derek@LDCook.com
Cooper, Gord 1987-1998 CA gord@catnap.com (home)
Cooper, Ron ? [deceased 2006-04-15]
Corcoran-Dubas, Brenda 1981-1992 CA brenda.dubas@rogers.com
Creese, Sigbert 1992-2000 s.creese@ids-astra.com
Crossley, John 1993-2001 j.crossley@pmcsgroup.com (work)
or jlcrossley@rogers.com (home)
Csercsa, Robert 1979-1986 rcsercsa@rogers.com
Cuttler, Steve ? [deceased 2011-07-21]
Dalziel, Janice 1980-1986 jdalziel@rim.com
Damon, Gene 1982-1986 CA gdamon833@gmail.com (home)
or gdamon@vccs.edu (work)
Davidoff, Leon 1984-1989
Dawe, Wayne 1988-1991 CA wdawe@wdawe.com
de Boer, Anthony 1990-1997 CA adb@leftmind.net
see also http://www.adb.ca/
de Boer, Linda 1990-200 CA3 lindad@swmbo.ca
de Visser, Lambert 1977-1984 [deceased 2008-06-29]
Carol de Visser (his widow)
Dean, Martin 1983-1985 mdean@sharonsoffice.ca
Del Bianco, Marzia 1982-1988 CA mdelbianco@tpl.toronto.on.ca
DePottie, Dave 1984-1994 dave@acshome.com [defunct]
Devenyi, Pete 1983-1986 CA pdevenyi@rim.com
Dickson, Craig 1975-1980 dickson@neptune.on.ca [defunct]
Dods, Deric 1975-1980 geac@ambix.ca
Doskoch, Wally 1979-1989 Wally's Adventures [deceased 2010-05-24]
Drebot, Mike 1978-1994 mike_drebot@bc.sympatico.ca (home) [defunct as of 2001-11-27]
m@inetco.com [defunct as of 2002-11-08] (work)
Drier, Jim 1992-1994 jdrier@objectwave.com - obsolete 2007-06-14
Dutcher, Cindy (now Thompson) 1983-1990 CA cindy.thompson@sap.com (work)
or cindyt4kids@aol.com (home)
Eaton, Steve 1980-1984 eaton@sympatico.ca
Edge, Al 1978-1988 jedge@shaw.ca (home)
aedge@creo.com (work)
Edmond, Marilyn 1998-2000 marilyne@isd.canberra.edu.au
Edwards, Shelly 1989-1997 shellyfish26@yahoo.com
Ellis, Pat ? pellis@istar.ca [defunct as of 2001-01-29]
Emmink, Paul 1977-1989 pemmink@gmail.com
Fahy, Peter 1985-2001 tobarp@aol.com
Feher, Suzanne 1984-1994
1998-2002 CA
see Geac group on facebook.com
Ferguson, Bob 1976-1982 bobtan@rogers.com
Ferrante, Lou 1983-1987 CA geac@ferrante.ca
Fischer, Linnea 1982-1997 lfischer4@cfl.rr.com
Flotner, Ralph 198?-1991 ralph.flotner@quintus.com
Forss, Richard 1984-1986 richard@forss.org
Fox, Uwe 19??-19?? udec@idirect.com
Frazer, Ian early 1980s ipfrazer@ipfconsulting.com
German, Greg honorary
(Gus' son)
or http://www.public.asu.edu/~gjgerman/
German, R. Angus (Gus) 1971-198? CA patrickgignac@hotmail.com
Gillett, Norm 1985-1989 normgillett@shaw.ca
Gimpoli, Greg 1982-1993 CA ggimpoli@yahoo.com
Gledhill, Andrew 1981-1999 CA andrew@gledhill.ca
Goldner, Matt 1993-2000 Matt.Goldner@FDGroup.com
Goldstein, Cliff ? cliffg@eyesurf.net
Goss, Brenda 1991-2000 b.goss@hotmail.com (home)
or Brenda.L.Goss@snapon.com (work)
Grienti, Vincent 1981-1983 drop784@hotmail.com
Haenni, Rod 1994-1995 r.haenni@epixtech.com [defunct]
or rhaenni@ix.netcom.com
Higashi, Mike 1976-1988 mhigashi@shaw.ca
Haley, Nick ? haley_ellis@sympatico.ca
Hall, Ernie 1977-1993 CA e21hall@rogers.com
Halliday, Dale 1981-1986 dhalliday@rogers.com
Harper, Jeanine 1982-1986 jmharper@home.com [defunct]
Harper, Pat 1997-2003 pat.harper@tycobbhealthcare.com
Harris, Rick 1989-1992 Rick.Harris@Corelan.com (work)
or RickH@idirect.com (home)
Hatch, James 1997-1999 jamesfhatch@hotmail.com
Hearn, Ron 1980-1989 rwhearn@shaw.ca
Heesakkers, Maarten 1996-2000 m.heesakkers@oclcpica.org
Henshaw, John 1974-1988 John.Henshaw@booz.com
Himelfarb, Mike 1983-1990 CA mikehimelfarb@sympatico.ca
Hixson, Kate 1981-1988 kate.hixson@ontario.ca
Hopper, Paul 1980-2000 UK pwhopper@hotmail.com
Hudon, André 1995-1998 ahudon@bibliomondo.com
Jackman, Martin 1981-1990 martinejackman@hotmail.com
Jackson, Ann (Fischer) 1978-1985 (address withheld by request)
Jakobsen, Mark 1988-1996 CA m.jakobsen@ids-astra.com
Jakobsen, Scott 1985-1994 CA scott.jakobsen@gmail.com
James, George 1989-1990 ghjames@nudigital.com
Jaye, John 1978-1989 jrjaye@yahoo.com
Jessa, Karim 1981-1994 KJessa@creo.com (work)
or karim_jessa@telus.net (home)
Jewell, Cindy (now Procyk) ? CA cindy.procyk@rogers.com
Jibb, Dawson 1976-1998 CA djbb@sympatico.ca
Johaneson, Jay 1981-2001 CA fireshadow@shaw.ca
Johnston, Peter 1977-1988 CA johnstons@sympatico.ca
Julien, Don 1979-1987 CA DJulien123@aol.com
Justice, Greg 1991-1996 gregjtx@attbi.com - obsolete 2007-06-14
Kagan, Anna ????-2006 kagan_anna@hotmail.com
Kaiser, Don 1983-1991 dkaiser1@qwest.net
Kahrkling, Sven 1974 sven@customized.com [defunct]
Karoutsos, Tom 1976-1989 tkarouts@yahoo.com
Kelbley, George 1981-2000 kelbley@cs.unm.edu
Kelly, Kathleen 1993-2000 kathleen.kelly@kewill.com
Kerrigan, Lauren 1985-1990 lauren.kerrigan@yale.edu
Knight, Steve 1982-1990 steveknight@beachcomber.co.uk
Kobric, Marilyn 1988-2003 CA kobric@rogers.com
Koen, Diane 19??-1992 CA diane.koen@mcgill.ca
Kolpowska, Maryla (a.k.a. Maria) 1977-1985 maryla@rogers.com
Kroen, Andy 1981-1987 andy@backcheck.ca
Kruiniger, Hans 1977-1994 UK hans.kruiniger@wcigroup.com
LaCourse (now Williamson), Dianne 1983-1987 Diane.williamson@cardinalsoft.com
Lamarche, Ron 1980-1987
Langois, Janelle 1986-1989 jlanglois@cablelan.net
Law, Peter 1978-1981 plaw@cuedatawest.com
Legassicke, Bill 1981-1990 fusionart@home.com [defunct]
Leslie, June (now McKenzie) 1988-2000 CA jmckenzie2101@hotmail.com
Liburd, Leroy 1991-2000 leroyl@3web.net
Liepins, Inta 1997-1999 iliepins@yahoo.ca
Londres, Carol (formerly MacKenzie) 1981-1986 carol_londres@rogers.com
Londres, Frank 1981-1983 [deceased 2006] (husband of Carol)
Loranger, Maria 1993-2000 CA mloranger@rogers.com
Lossev, Vladamir 1997-2002 vladimir_lossev@hotmail.com
MacDonald, Larry 1982-1989 larry.macdonald@compaq.com
Macrae, Lachie 198?-1988 CA [current whereabouts unknown]
Maffeo, Gerald 1973-1984 gmaffeo@hotmail.com>
Maier, Jerry 1980-1986 jerry@cups.ca
Magee, Liz 198?-1997 CA lizmagee@magma.ca
Malone, Mike 1993-2003 m.malone@austinlane.com
Manning, Steve 1987-1991 manning@rockley.com
Marcon, Anna 1983-1987 CA amarcon_16@hotmail.com
Martin, W. Christopher 1983-1996 CA wcm@catnap.com
see also http://www.catnap.com/~wcm
Maxwell, Erica 1994-2000 erica.maxwell@fdgroup.com
McCormick, Bob 1983-2005 rsmcc@yahoo.com
McDermid, Lindsay (now Hemms) 1982-1988 CA hemms@ca.ibm.com
McGibbon, Brian 1974-1999 mcgibby@msn.com [defunct] (home) or brian@cups.ca [defunct] (work)
McGregor, Rob 1981-1987 CA romcgreg@rogers.com
Megan, Stewart 1980-1986 stumegan@gmail.com
Michaud, Mike 1984-2001 CA mikem@outer-net.com
Midgley, Ellen (now Taylor) 1984-1988 Ellen.Taylor@apak.com
Miller, David 1976-1977 david.miller@northernradio.ca
Miller, Mick 1988-2002 US mickmiller@sbcglobal.net
Miniato, Paul 1976-1982 paul@miniato.net
Moir, Bryan 1982-1987 moir@moir.com
Monahan, Mike 1976-1986 CA mmonahan@lsc.on.ca (work)
or mjmonahan@sympatico.ca (home)
Mooney, John 1985-1987 moon@fantasysports.ca
Morris, Carol 1989-2002 carolmorrisaz@cox.net
Morrissey, Ross 1993-1998 rm@rossmorrissey.com
See also: http://www.vex.net/~ross
Morton, Bob 1981-1988 remorton@rogers.com
Murray, David 1983-1993 david.j.murray@wxs.nl [defunct as of 2013-12-03]
Murray, Scott 1993-1994 beammeup@pobox.com
Nadorozny, Dean 1989-2004 dean@nadorozny.com
Nelson, Glenis 1990-1997 glenisnelson@hotmail.com
Newson, Brian 1979-1986 brian@cravengarden.co.uk
Neville, Ed 1980-1985 ed.neville@comcast.net
Niddery, Wayne 1988-1995 wniddery@aci.on.ca
Nixon, Paul 1979-1985
1987-1988 CA
O'Shaughnessy, Mike 1986-1989 available upon request
Oates, Andy 1977-2000 CA andyoates@sympatico.ca
Ogden, Stephen (Dr.) 1979-1985 ogden@sfu.ca
Owens, Tom 1984-1987 [deceased 2002-02-27]
Owttrim, Ken 1984-1991 CA kowttrim@yahoo.ca
See also: http://www.kayoprojectmanagement.com/
Pam, Silvia 1971-1998 ZZ spam@catnap.com
Pavliska, Ivan 1986-1993 ivan.pavliska@isd.se
Penaflor, Jun 1979-1999 CA junp@ca-unlimited.com> (work) [defunct as of 2001-11-27]
or jpenaflor_69@yahoo.com (home)
Peters, Brian 1982-1987 brianpeters99@hotmail.com
Phee, Howard 1977-1986 hphee@anvilgroup.com
Pickles, Bob 1985-1987 bpickles@perle.com [defunct]
Pittmon, Grace 2000-2006 pittmon.grace@gmail.com
Planchon, Dave 1977-1999 dbplanchon@bellsouth.net
Poirier, Ron 197?-198? [deceased around May 2004]
Poirer, Ruby 1975-1985 peartreegal@aol.com
Popper, Paul ? CA paul@popperfamily.org
Preble, Tom 1981-1995 longviewranch@gmail.com
Procyk, Greg 1993-1996 CA greg.procyk@rogers.com
Pugh, Malc ? mb012b0076@blueyonder.co.uk
Quesnelle, Lorie 1988-1990 lorie_quesnelle@scotia-mcleod.com [defunct]
Rae, Julie 1995-1999 jrae@bayside.vic.gov.au [defunct]
Raheem, Reyaz (Ray) 1981-2000 CA reyazr@rogers.com
Ramsey, Richard 1978-1984 UK r39.ramsey@freedomcall.co.uk
Rashev, Kiril 1983-1989 CA krashev@nortelnetworks.com [defunct] (work)
or kiril.rashev@sympatico.ca (home)
Ray, Tito 1994-1998 AU Titoray1@hotmail.com
Rayner, Martin 1975-2000 martin.rayner@smartstream-md.com
Reamer, Tom 1982-1998 treamer@creo.com
Rennie, Mike 1990-1999 m.rennie@maestro.biz
Richards, Ken 1984-1993 UK kenr@alfalfa.demon.co.uk
Ridgeway, Michel 1981-1989
See also: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/mridgeway/
Riley, Tim (1984-1989)
TimHRiley@aol.com [defunct]
Roach, Dave ? CA [deceased 2005-02-28]
Robinson (Murdoch), Melodie 1981-1987 loons16@sympatico.ca
Rogers, Alan 1984-1993 UK A.C.Rogers@btinternet.com
Romein, John 1979-1989 john_romein@hotmail.com
Rowell, Arlene 1981-1987 CA 46rowell@gmail.com
Rudock, Lamont 1983-2000 lrudock@gmail.com
Sakoun, Jean-Pierre 1985-1993 jp@sakoun.com
Scarth, Michael 1980-1995 CA mscarth@ca.ibm.com
Schwarzmann, Mark ????-2003 MXSCHWARZ@hotmail.com
Scott, Linda Sue (now Zaleski) 1978-1988 linda.zaleski@comcast.net (home)
lzaleski@ccs.nsls.lib.il.us (work)
Scully, Kevin 1989-1997 CA ks@catnap.com
Seepe, Christopher 1977-1980 cseepe@synchronopedia.com
Sellers, Shirley (nee Litzenberger) 1978-1982 shirley.sellers@gmail.com
or Shirley@Metroline.com
Sellers, Syd 1974-1981 Syd@NCSMedical.com
Septon, Allen ? CA asepton@sympatico.ca
Settles, Suzanne 1998-2007 scsettles@hotmail.com
Simpson, E. Sandra 199?-199? www.logicalprocess.com
Sinha, Prakash (PK) 1982-1998 NE/CA pk@pksinha.com
Slonim, Jacob ? CA slonim@cs.dal.ca
Smeltzer, Jason 1996-2003 jelly70s@telus.net
Smith, Bill 1982-1989 smithontheroad@hotmail.com
Smith, Cathy 1983-1988< CA/td> [deceased 2004-02-18]
Smith, Chris 1980-199? UK detox339x@gmail.com
Smith, Joel 1984-1988 CA joel.smith@cibc.ca
See also: http://www.cibcwoodgundy.com/joel_smith
Smith, Phil 1989-2003 CA p.smith@rogers.com
see also: www.clibtech.com
Snow, Tracey 1989-1992 CA tsnow@snowman.org
See also: http://www.snowman.org
So, Joseph 1982-1983 Joseph.So@ualberta.ca
See also: http://conley.math.ualberta.ca/joso/
Spencer, Michael 1989-1991 mspencer@notify.ca
Srinivason, Sam (Eran) 1991-1994 Sam.Srinivasan@Sun.COM
Stacey, Dave 1977-1991 CA dstacey@globalserve.net [defunct]
Standen, Allison 1997-2003 aastanden@yahoo.ca
see also: www.clibtech.com
Starr, Alvin 1979-1983 alvin@iplink.net
Stern, Tom 198?-199? CA [deceased 2001-12-29]
Stevens, Phil (a.k.a Phlip) 1976-1998 CA phlip@phlip.ca
Stirrat, Debbie 1993-2008 dstirrat@rogers.com
Storey, Robert 1982-1990 CA Robert.Storey@imerja.com
Straughan, Shelagh (Donovan) 1997-1999 straughan@sympatico.ca
Summers, Andy 1982-1986 andy@wchat.on.ca
Sweet, Mike 1973-1991? CA mrs@gotwisted.com
Swetleshnoff, Ed 1977-1985 telos@shaw.ca
Syed, Chris 1982-1989 CA [deceased 2012-03-06]
Tamblyn, Dan 1986 dan.tamblyn@gmail.com
Tamminga, Tim 1985-1987 tim.tamminga@gmail.com
Tan, Lennard 1993-1999 CA ltan@mountaincable.net
Taylor, David 1986-1996 dtaylor@constellationfs.com
Tharby, Michael 1981-1989 empete@yahoo.com
Thomas, Delwyn 1999-2007 delwyn_t@hotmail.com
See also: http://www.delwynthomas.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
Thomas, Keith ? CA kthomas@i4i.com
Thompson, Chris (now Dunn) ? CA chris.dunn@rogers.com
Timlock, David (Timmy) 1974-1989 loons16@sympatico.ca
Trivett, D. (Dirkje) ? CA dirkje.trivett@bibliocentre.ca
Toulis, Alex 1983-1988 alex_toulis@durham.edu.on.ca
Townsend, Tony 1983-1988 anthony.townsend@spectrasoftware.com [defunct]
Tyckyj, Mark 1987-2003
2004-2008 CA
Tyson, Peter 1984-1991 CA ptyson@Changepoint.com (work)
or petermtyson@rogers.com (home)
Upton, Mick 1984-1993 UK mickyu77@gmail.com
Urbaniak, George 1987-2002 gurbaniak@shaw.ca
van Buul, Tineke 1991-1996 tvanbuul@xs4all.nl
Vande Meent, John 1993-1998 CA jmeent@datamirror.com
van den Bosch, Peter 1984-2003 p.vd.bosch@hetnet.nl
VanDommele, Brian 1989-1997 CA bvd_07@hotmail.com (home)
or bvd@cups.ca [defunct] (work)
Van Sprang, Cindy (nee Campbell) 1992-1999 c.van.sprang@shaw.ca
Van Wieringen, Ron 1981-1995 CA rvanwieringen@rogers.com
Vulpe, Martin ? nvulpe@istar.ca
Vulpe, Michel ? mvulpe@i4i.com
Wafer, Richard 1979-1985
Waite, Don 1979-1988 [deceased 2010-06-01]
Walker, Tom 1982-1984 walkert@ccpl.org
Wang, Dean 1979-1991 CA dwang@technologist.com (home)
or dwang@cantire.com (work)
Waterson, Andy 1982-1984
1986-1992 CA
Waymark, Keith 1970s [deceased 2011-07-23]
Webster, Tricia 1995-2000 tricia.webster@sympatico.ca
Weiner, Stu 1995-2004 ssw0827@sbcglobal.net
Weir, Gail 1980-1995 CA g_weir@rogers.com
Wesseling, Michel 1993-2000 m.wesseling@inter.nl.net
Wharton, Phyllis 1991-1996 CA pwharton@sympatico.ca
Whitaker, Colin 1987-1989 Colin.Whitaker@cgi.ca
White, Rick 1977-1991 CA Rick.White@Cognos.COM [defunct 2008-11-17]
Wild, Philip 1984-1988 wild@canoemail.com
Willett, Ross 1990-2003 CA rossw@htseng.com (work)
or rossawillett@hotmail.com (home)
Williams, Ian (UK) 1980-1982 ian-at-thewilliamsfamily-dot-me-uk
Williams, Ian (UK/AUS) 1980-1985 (UK)
1985-1992 (AUS)
i.williams@moodyint.com (work)
willy4039@gmail.com (home)
Williams, Juanita (nee Rodriguez) 1980-1982 msjrwms@comcast.net
Willis, Eric 1976-1989 CA ewillis@csun.edu
Windfeld, Dave 1988-2003 CA dave.windfeld@sympatico.ca
Wolchak, Steve 1980-2000 swolchak@shaw.ca
Wong, Darren 1980-1985
Wong, Sam 1986-1992 CA samw@ca.ibm.com
Wragg, Mark 1981-1987 mark@wragg.net
Wu, Eva (now McDonald) 1995-2000 CA (information withheld by request)
Yeung, Peter K.H. 1982-1989 pkhy@usa.net
Yip, Georgie (now Lai) 1989-1996 CA georgielai@sympatico.ca

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