Consultants with Geac Experience Wanted

This page is intended to provide a forum for placement agencies and recruiters who wish to hire people with Geac hardware and/or software experience. If you would like your organization to be listed here just drop me a note with the relevant info.

Disclaimer: I am no longer employed by Geac and the company does not endorse this service in any way. Geac has an official Web page at Use the information on this page at your own risk.

NOTE: Organizations who wish to be listed here must explicitly agree not to use information contained on other web pages from this site to solicit consultants directly.

Company Contact Location Experience required Date Posted
CCH (Wolters Kluwer) Steve Simon Riverwoods, IL Systems Administrator 2006-04-20

And here's a list of consultants who specifically requested to be listed here because they are actively seeking contracts.

Consultant's Name Email Address Location Experience Date Posted
Apfeldorf, Meyer New York City E-Series: 15+ years experience 2002-12-06
Christofides, George Toronto 20+ years as consultant - DBS applications 2000-05-16
Convergent Library Technologies Inc. (Phil Smith and Allison Standen) and Barrie, Ontario 15+ years with ADVANCE ILS, Library Systems implementation, training, planning and management 2004-01-01
Ellingsen, Art Florida E-Series - 15 year experience 2008-02-18
Hansen, Marv Utah E-Series: GL, AP, FC, AR 2001-05-03
Jones, Jimmy Texas 18+ years with HR:M (VSAM and DB2) 2002-03-21
Pabst, Neil Baltimore / Harrisburg / Philadelphia E-Series: GL,FC,FA,AP,PO,IE,DCI 2002-01-17
Riley, Tim unspecified E-Series + SmartStream 2001-10-06
Roland Brown Systems, Inc. Toronto ABL, ZOPL, ABLIX 2004-11-30
Tan, Lennard Southern Ontario IT Management 2003-06-26

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